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7 Myths about Education Tips that keeps you from growing

You might have heard some myths and lies about education. There are some myths about the student education system, teachers, and children. Let us begin what are the lies and myths you have heard and what is the reality behind all these myths.

Fact Learning is Everything

In our education system, we have noticed one thing that our teachers focus a lot on learning and retaining the information. Students in schools have a mindset that if you perform well in grades and retain a lot of information, you will easily ace in practical life. But the world is rapidly changing, we are aware with artificial intelligence, fact learning is not that important because we have computers that can store and retain information. However, the robot and computers are not advanced in critical thinking, problem solving and communication.

A college  degree will help you in landing jobs

The teachers have created a mindset that those students who have a degree from a well-reputed organization will succeed but the reality is entirely different. Specialized knowledge is more important. There are many short free courses available and millions of students have benefited from these courses and they are earning more than a usual degree holder. Many students are taking university education, availing scholarships from prestigious universities to land a good job in the market. The job market industry is not creating enough job vacancies as the market is already saturated and they are hiring individuals with handsome experience in particular fields. As a result, students are unemployed even after having a college degree.

Teachers can change the future of their students

The teachers are some of the most influential and revolutionary members of society. The teachers can impact the lives of their students deeply. But unfortunately, all teachers are not that proficient as many teachers do not know how to teach. Many teachers do not give any ethics to teach and we see many students going through severe depression due to the impolite behavior of teachers towards their students and they lead the students to failure.

More students in the class account for better academic performance

The number of students in the class is crucially important. It is believed that a higher number of students in the class will result in more competition among students. The teachers cannot pay attention to every student, so the student performance will be remarkably decreased and there will be more academic tension among students for grades. According to an estimation, the schools that have a lesser number of students get more attention from their teachers, and the teachers can interact with every student and can help to improve their academic grade in the class.

Some students are not interested in learning

The education system believes that the students who do not have good grades in the exam do not have any desire to learn. This is a myth, the reality is that it is the nature of every human to learn. We go through a lot of things every day and we learn a lot from our experiences. The students might not be interested in studying but they are interested in learning. The school system giving Fail grades to the students for not retaining the information is discouraging for them. They lose confidence and belief in themselves. 

Being a teacher is easy

Well, many of us think that teaching is the easiest way to earn money. But in reality, teaching is very challenging. Every student in the class has different mental capabilities and potential and sometimes teachers are not able to recognize their hidden talent. The behavior of the teacher can affect the students greatly mentally and emotionally.

In schools only students learn

Many people believe that teachers facilitate the students to learn. The teachers teach the students, but they are themselves learning a lot from the children. The teachers learn to abut the behavior of each child, how they communicate and interact. And sometimes students tell some important information that they do not know. Teachers indeed struggle to prepare a lot for quality lectures, but they do not know everything.


There are a lot of myths, lies, and misconceptions that surround education in the 21st century. Many people have ideas and images of what college or university (university) is like. What lessons are like, and what they can expect when they get there. The truth is, these myths make it much more difficult for students to learn effectively. And often prevent students from seeing the full potential that they have.

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