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Best Math Homework Help Resources for Your Kids

We have all been there: teachers, students, and parents, all stumped by a seemingly simple math problem. According to UNESCO, 6 out of 10 children (that is 617 million) are not learning as well as they should when it comes to math and reading. And there are many adults who struggle with mathematics as well. It’s no wonder that it has a reputation for being one of the toughest subjects.

Still, today, there are many resources that can help bridge the gap, bring math concepts closer, and make them more accessible. Yet, maybe a professional tutor is worth a thousand apps? We know it might be confusing, and that’s why we’ve compiled the answers to the most common questions when it comes to math help, as well as some practical resources you should pay attention to.

Do You Really Need a Private Online Math Tutor?

So, how do you know if you should get a private online math tutor or just stick to the online resources? Well, the answer depends really on your math abilities, personal preferences, and other factors like finances. An app, for example, is beneficial for private study, helping you to solve difficult homework tasks, getting in more practice, and so on. Still, there is a limit to how much you can get out of just online resources. For most people who struggle with math and are behind in school, getting private coaching will help them make faster progress and boost their confidence. Some students combine both for better results, and this pays off.

How to Know If a Math Homework Helper Is Credible

A good math homework helper resource is not just there to give you quick math solutions but also help you gain a deeper insight into how it arrives at that answer. This is especially important when you are studying for your test prep, which makes it necessary to have a math SAT or ACT practice tool. So here is what you want to look out for when choosing a math help tool.

  • What are the topics/subjects it covers?
  • Does it have a tutorial to guide you?
  • Was it created by a reputable developer or company?
  • Is it easy to use and navigate through?
  • Does it provide accurate information?
  • Does it include detailed explanations for the answers?
  • Is there any supplementary learning material?
  • What are its reviews and ratings?
  • Do they have a clear user privacy policy that details what data they collect, why, and how they use the data collected?
  • What is the pricing or subscription policy?

8 Best Math Homework Help Resources for Your Kids

There is a wide variety of fun math games and math homework help resources for students that can help them master the subject in a fun and interactive way. Still, it can be difficult to know which of the online homework helpers are suitable for your kids based on their academic level and preferences.

#1 Photomath

Photomath is one of the most popular mobile apps designed for students to get instant help with their homework just by using their phone camera. All you need to do is scan the math question, and the app brings up the answers. While many people might feel this is counterproductive and deprives the kids of the chance to learn math properly, you will find that this is not true at all. The app also provides a detailed step-by-step explanation of how to solve the problem. The animation and voiceover are a great way to help younger kids grasp the steps and help with better recall.

#2 Cymath is a handy website for students who want a reliable math homework helper and a resource to guide them in their math practice. It covers everything from algebra to calculus and provides an easy-to-understand breakdown of difficult concepts. You can type in your math equation into the search bar and get instant answers with the solutions broken down into numbered steps. Parents can also use it to brush up on their long-forgotten math skills. Also, there is a mobile app to make the whole process even faster.

#3 Symbolab

If you or your child need a one-in-all math calculator and math homework solution solver, then Symbolab is right for you. You can use the app or website to find answers with step-by-step solutions to your questions across any math topic. You will also get tons of calculators and converters for math, STEM, finance, fitness, cooking, etc. The practice section is perfect for gaining a better understanding of tough math concepts through interactive exercises and quizzes. You even have a tracker so you can monitor how much progress you make over a period of time.

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#4 Khan Academy

This platform covers tons of subjects (including math) and provides lots of interactive videos on them. Students also get practice questions that help them reinforce the lesson and test their knowledge. You can use this to better understand math concepts taught in school or learn how to tackle your homework tasks. The best part is that there is something for everyone, no matter what grade they are in – even college students can find it useful.

#5 Socratic

Powered by Google AI, Socratic is not just a math homework help app but a practical learning tool that covers many different subjects like math, biology, literature, physics, and more. Students can use the scan feature to get instant solutions to math problems, detailed guides, videos from the web, and more. You can also use the voice search feature, which can be faster than typing a long text.

#6 Mathway

Students who need help with math homework will love Mathway’s free online calculator, which makes it easy to solve complex problems with detailed explanations. You can also get help with physics, chemistry, etc. The over 40 calculators on the website make it a breeze to find just the perfect one for your needs.  

#7 Gauthmath

This app is one of the top-rated math homework help software that also provides students with a step-by-step guide, answers to their tasks, and access to live tutors ready to assist them with their math problems. The website and app both have user-friendly interfaces, and students of all levels will be able to find their way around its many useful features.

#8 Juni Learning

Juni Learning is a great practice tool math homework helper and is perfect for kids who need extra attention in math. By signing your children up for a private 1:1 tutor, you provide the perfect environment and mentorship needed for them to thrive. Most kids who get special attention show more confidence as they learn a more realistic and fun approach to math. Besides, make no mistake, a private math tutor is not only for kids who are struggling in class.

Final Words

Believe it or not, sometimes, a child who is above his class may not be getting the challenge needed to stimulate and motivate them. Often, they lose interest or zone out. Yet, by getting them on private tutoring, you give them a chance to study more advanced lessons and learn intricate facts. More importantly, they get to engage with a mentor who can structure their knowledge and challenge them more than their school program. 

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