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5 Strategies: How Can We Improve Education System

Education is a great way to profit the students and to make them capable to live on their own. The education system today is focusing more on money instead of learning.

The education institutions have turned it into a business. They are just focusing on the count of the students instead of bringing quality education.

Our education has although made a lot of changes due to advanced digital technology. But still our education system is not able to change the lives of the students.

There are some ways on how we can improve our current education system.

#1: Focus More On Learning

Our education system should focus more on the learning system and how we can make student’s understanding levels more comprehensive.

The increased focus of our education system on memorization has made students the slaves of the syllabus. The students are not studying to learn something new.

They are just studying to pass the exams and to get grades. The internet is already filled with a lot of information about every topic, it has vast information now.

Moreover, there will be artificial intelligence that can memorize the study material better than humans. So our education should teach practical skills.

Should teach about the subject anatomy and deep subject so that they can compete in the market. There is no need to memorize hard facts we should focus on work. Ethic, creativity, teamwork, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence.

#2: Interaction Between Student And Teacher

There is a lot of hesitance between students and teachers, Students are not comfortable with teachers discussing any innovative idea. The lack of engagement between students and teachers kills the dreams d goals of many students.

The teachers start giving lectures in the class without considering whether the students are interested in the class. What is the understanding level of each and how each student will perceive the information.

Many teachers fail the students due to their arrogance and hate towards them. The teachers should understand that they are just a beacon of light.

And they should kindle students with the special knowledge they have. And should engage students in the class by having positive and friendly behaviour with the students. 

#3: Updated And Revised Information

The syllabus we are teaching to our students is outdated. To improve the education system we should focus on teaching new and updated information according to the need of the new world.

There is no point in teaching the old theories which have zero practical importance. We need updated books in our syllabus that open the mind of students instead of memorization of the outdated syllabus.

After studying particular syllabus students should be able to think out of the box. And how they can change the world by contributing to the particular field.

#4: Training Guide For Teachers

Many teachers in public schools and universities are not capable;e enough to educate students. Teachers should be trained about the latest study technique and study tools.

The teachers should be trained about the industrial improvements of subjects like mathematics, economics and statistics.

The teachers should collaborate with the respective managers of different industrial companies to guide. The students about the particular field and how they can play a constructive role.

These live interaction can widen the mind of the students and encourage them that How to be more practical and professional in the field.

#5: The Grading System Should Be Discouraged

The annual examination system in which students are being judged. And filtered for what they have studied in the whole year in the two-hour test is the worst.

How can a two hours test can judge the capability of the student? There should be an assessment system and teachers should work on the weak points of the students.

We need strategic planning to introduce a better grading system. Where students do not get failed due to their poor grades as every student is capable and students are born leaders.


In conclusion, improving the education system requires a multifaceted approach that addresses the diverse needs of students in the 21st century.

By embracing technology, fostering creativity and innovation, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills, prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion, and emphasizing social and emotional learning.

We can create a more equitable, inclusive, and effective education system that prepares students for success in an ever-changing world.

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