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How Can You Become a Good Communicator?

The ability to communicate productively is the key to any relationship. They are successful people who are the resource for others in the organization. One of the benefits of a good communicator is the opportunity to be promoted more regularly and be recognized in your career because of their excellent communication skills.

No matter that we talk to each other most of the day, this does not mean that we are all good communicators. Effective communication can be surprisingly difficult. In this article, you will find some important steps that will help you to become a good communicator.

Become a Good Listener

Active listening is the foundation of all good communication. If you don’t focus on what others are saying, you will not be able to respond effectively. Focus on what the other person is saying and repeat as needed to make sure you understand what they are saying. Focus on other people’s body language. Also, pay attention to your body language. It is important to understand the body language of others and pay attention to your posture.

Focus on Others Style

It is important to know your audience. If you are giving a lecture at work, please research how other people do it or watch famous lecture videos by scholars, entrepreneurs, or professionals in their respective fields. If you are nervous about performing at a social event or party, follow the instructions of those around you.

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Avoid Misunderstanding During Communication

A Good communicators know that there is always a chance for misunderstandings in any communication. Good communicators will notice differences in patterns and consistency (this is what one would expect). Good communicators also see for voice and body language. When any of these aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication lack coherence, communication can become a disaster. This is a factor that is often overlooked and is easy to prevent.

Make Conversation More Enjoyable

Finding common interests or opinions with the other communicator is always a good strategy. It can make your conversation more comfortable and show the other person that you have something in common. It is also important to find common ground in the discussion. 

If you disagree with someone’s point of view, try to find a relevant point of view that you agree with; this shows that you are trying to understand their point of view.

Change Topic by Using Bridge

Sometimes we all speak in the wrong direction and use the bridge to change the subject. Finding a polite way to change the topic can be difficult, but finding a “bridge” is a good technique. This may mean looking for topics that are between the current topic and the topics you are interested in, or you may need to use more general wording to change the topic. Phrases such as “Yes, but”, “I can tell you” or “Remembering is important” can change your attention in suitable ways.

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Be Friendly

In addition to perfecting your speaking skills, effective communicators should also give the impression that they are inviting further communication. In a work environment, good communicators are anxious to listen to feedback from their employees and may follow open policies. Communicating with others is the top priority. When people know that their views are valued and welcomed, they are more likely to ask you questions or ideas.

By using these skills and practicing regularly, you will be able to master these skills and learn to be a good communicator. Good communicators are good at choosing words, knowing their audience, and connecting with them at the right time and place. Effective communication is seen as the key to making a person feel like a natural speaker when speaking in a crowded room. You can also develop great communication skills by learning from previous public speaking experiences.

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