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How to study more effectively

Every student is unique and has a different learning style to study more effectively. Your style of learning may be different from your colleagues. In school, we are taught a lot of information, but we do not how to learn anything effectively. You might have heard passive and old study methods from your teacher to learn the lesson effectively like rereading your books, repetition, focusing while study. But these methods are not as effective as they seem.

Psychologists have done deep research for about 100 years and have studied the habits and learning styles of students in controlled groups to devise proven methods to learn anything effectively.

Be attentive in the class

Most students do not focus on what the teacher is teaching. They do not listen to the lecture attentively. The school. Lecture can help to memorize 70% of your lesson and if you keep on distracting yourself from the lectures you will not be able to memorize the major portion of your lesson. The students who are more active and not all the lectures and who participate in the study discussion after lectures can learn more effectively than those who do not. Listen to the lecture attentively and do not write anything when the teacher is teaching, write the information after your teacher has delivered the lecture.

Stay away from distraction

There are many distractions like overuse of social media or excessive sleeping. Distractions are everywhere in your home and they do not allow you to study attentively even the thoughts in our brain get distracted easily. To avoid this distraction, make them less obvious. Switch off your phone or place your phone in another room while studying.

Synthesize your notes

Make your study notes and use different flashcards, write with different colored pointers, use flowcharts to make the notes easily readable. Scientific studies have proved that writing your notes helps to retain the information for a longer time. One time write is equal to seven times read, so do not ignore these scientific facts while studying. Make better notes by adding more information or using diagrams or more research.

Feynman Technique

This scientific study technique is a proven way to practice whatever you have learned to memorize the information for a longer time. According to this technique practice, teaching the same lecture you have learned in the class to someone else in the class or your home. Teaching the information to other people will let you know how much grip you have over the particular subject.

Test yourself

Once you have learned the information, practice it by giving tests in the school or use flashcards, or solve MCQs related to that subject. The mistake in this kind of assessment will help you to critically analyze yourself and memorize the information for a longer time. Write your mistakes to accelerate the memorization power of your brain. If you fail a test in school it is not a bad thing, you can learn it again but if you did not correct your mistakes, then you are in danger because you are not learning from your mistakes.

Organization and Discipline

Discipline is the most important factor while doing anything. If you did not do things in the proper way or your day is not an organization, it will end up being a mess. Set a strict deadline for yourself, if you cannot stick to them the study techniques are not effective. The best way to organize your day is to plan your day before sleeping. All your plan in the written form will make you more organized and disciplined for the whole day.


These are some of the methods that will help you to learn faster. Take care of your self eat healthy food and have proper sleep. Donot overburden and stress yourself for ordinary reasons. A healthy mind and relaxed mind will help you to focus more while studying. It’s okay if you cannot commit yourself to this deadline, missing one or two days is okay but don’t make your bad habits permanent by repeating them.

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