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What’s wrong with our education system?

We see that schools are doing the perfect job of educating young minds, what’s wrong with our education system? We just blindly trust the school and the administration, and we do not investigate what is taught and how it is taught. All have fallen into this social stigma that grades are important, so we enroll our students in the best schools. But there are many things wrong with schools that are not good and doing more harm than good.

Here are some of the reasons why the education system is wrong.

Outdated education system

The education system of our schools is outdated. In the past two centuries, we have seen a lot of changes in the science and technology department but unfortunately, the education system is still the same as in the 19 century. When we will introduce our students to the industrial revolution taking place in the industries, The syllabus of different classes has not been updated for years. The students are forced to learn and memorize the outdated information. If the students are not taught the updated information about the field how they are going to play a constructive role in society.

Comparison with other students

Many students fall into an inferiority complex because their teachers do unnecessary comparisons with other students. All the students are judged based on their grades. If any students did not score well, the teachers pinch them, and it has a very bad impact on psychology. This comparison is not healthy at all as the students stop believing in themselves and teachers play a major role in destroying their life.

No creativity

The students ate spoon-fed. Students who have other interests other than studies like music, dancing, and literature are not appreciated. The students get disheartened and the only way they find is to be the slave of what the teacher is saying. When the students get out of school they do not know anything except what they have learned. They are unable to answer any practical or conceptual questions about the subject. The students are not how to compete with the challenging market who needs other skills except their grades like communication skills, critical thinking, etc.

Focusing more on memorization instead of knowledge

In school, every student has to follow a particular syllabus according to their class. Even the students cannot choose their subjects. The student’s mind is trapped in the school and they just follow what is laid on them. They cannot think out of the box. The grades also matter how well a student can cram the study material. The students get any practical exposure related to their subject and they are forced to memorize the notes, many students can’t memorize well. They have other hidden talents but the school did not have eyes enough to see them and acknowledge them.

Teachers are not honest

Unfortunately, the teachers in our school only appreciate talented and hard-working students. The students who are weak are being bullied and condemned by teachers. The teachers are the most influential element for the students. The teachers have to realize that they should fulfill their teaching duties honestly. Every student has the talent and potential to do something in life.

Final Words

The wrong education system in our schools has affected their lives and has worsened their condition than ever before. More sad is that we are paying them for sickening our minds. To improve the education system we should not judge students based on their education. We should implement more practical work and should introduce a better learning system for students where students are not forced to learn anything and teachers should treat all the students equally, and they should focus more on the weak students so that they can rise too. There is still a long way to change the future of the students for the better.

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