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Is the education in school really worth it?

school education worth have been a topic of controversy for many years. Many people think that we are not focusing on real education. The schools are unable to produce scientists, entrepreneurs, chemists, and biologists. With the following points, we will elaborate more to show the real facts about school education worth.

Outdated information

The curriculum in the books is old and has not been updated for many years. There is no logic in teaching outdated information. The internet and other websites have updated information but unfortunately, it, not an easy job to reprint the books every year. We are slaves of our syllabus and cannot move out of our books that is disappointing.

There is a lot of gap between what we are taught and what we see in the world. The syllabus of subjects like economics, accounting are irrelevant stuff. Society and the world are changing rapidly, so we need students that can cope up with the changing environment.

Inability to think out of the box

You have grown up hearing things like study well so that you can get a high-paying job in the market. The syllabus and the study style in our schools are not bringing any innovation in the world. Most students cram the syllabus and score well in the examination. They are only studying for getting a job. The main purpose for which we study is to think out of the box and implement and practice the things we have learned in our school, but that is not happening, The education system in our schools have made us slaves, we are just studying for getting a job.

School is not for Entrepreneurs

The students are born leaders. The education system in our schools follows a particular curriculum and the student’s opinions are not entertained. They are forced to memorize things. If the students are not encouraged for their ideas and their interests, they get dishearten and the students who memorize notes well but do not know the inch of what they are taught are appreciated, then how can we bring entrepreneurs to the real world. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg are college droppers, yet they have the most successful companies like Microsoft and Facebook. Gary Vaynerchuk is one of his videos on youtube condemned the education system in schools, he said that going to school education worth is like collecting dents from the schools. You know nothing of the real education when you came ours from the schools.

Teachers care for grades

The teachers who are considered to be one of the most important people in shaping the future of their children are not realizing their worth. The purpose of teachers is to show the right path to the students and by transferring their knowledge to the students. But the teachers only care for their reputation to bring good results to their class in front of the school administration.

The consequences of which are students are being bullied and condemned by the teacher himself if they did not score well. The grades are important to some extent, but they are not everything. We are judging students based on their grades only. The grades are not the guarantee that your children will succeed in the future.

We are not taught about money

The school; ls truck in you in a very decent way. We are studying so that we can get a high-paying job after graduation but have you ever thought we are not taught a single subject about how can we make and manage money. Our school education focuses on our good health and healthy mind, there are sports and workshops for that purpose. We have to live with money in practical life, but the schools are not focusing on this important factor.

Final Words

However, we cannot deny that for some aspects the school education is very important, especially for doctors, nurses and other courses related to health care and lawyers who need school. The discussion is about wasting time in school when you can get jobs doing short courses. But education is not about building empires of wealth, it’s more than that!

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